PVC Calendars

Calendars printed on transparent laminated, crystal or satin PVC.

Technical info:

Material: PVC(Non-perishable and washable); Dimensions: Upon customer request; Thickness: 300 micron (satin and white PVC), 400 micron (cristal PVC); UV Coating; Printing: Digital 4 colors+white;

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    Calendars printed on transparent laminated, crystal or satin PVC


    Our pocket calendars are manufactured to a superior quality using PVC, to offer you a product of great sophistication and elegance. Choosing PVC as the main material ensures exceptional durability!

    The versatility of the dimensions, which can be customized on customer request, allows you to find the perfect format to adapt to any space or requirement.

    To ensure a flawless appearance and extra protection, each calendar undergoes a UV varnishing process, which not only adds brilliance to the printed colours, but also creates a protective barrier to keep the calendars intact over time. Thanks to this feature, our calendars not only offer an attractive aesthetic, but also maintain their beauty and freshness over time.